Table 4:

Populations at greatest perceived risk of being disproportionately affected by restrictive visitor policies

PopulationParticipant quotes
Older adults“I mean many of these patients had older partners who don’t use computers and know … You can’t see them and they can’t see you and they’re just hearing another voice on the other side, you know, as you’re standing there and telling them like, you know, like this is the choice … the choice is you know, that they’re gonna die. You have to say goodbye and your loved ones dying and no you can’t come into the hospital.” — PC4 Female
Non-English-speaking patients and caregivers“Some of the patients who are admitted couldn’t speak English or were elderly and patient families were absolutely terrified. So keeping patients updated on COVID was exceedingly difficult during this time.” — GIM2 Female
  • Note: GIM = internist, PC = palliative care physician.