Table 2:

Disaggregated results from base case analysis comparing prophylaxis for ophthalmia neonatorum with no prophylaxis

VariableON prophylaxisNo prophylaxis
Cost per infant, $
 Adverse events3.380
 Chlamydia transmission of ON0.120.12
 Gonorrheal transmission of ON0.030.15
 Lifetime cost of blindness0.440.47
 Total cost7.730.75
 Short-term QALYs,* per infant0.8764850.876484
 Blindness, per 100 000 infants2.32.4
 Long-term QALYs, per infant41.18176841.181749
  • Note: ON = ophthalmia neonatorum, QALY = quality-adjusted life-year.

  • * From ophthalmia neonatorum and blindness diagnosis.

  • From lifetime blindness.