Table 2:

Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios for primary outcome of mortality and secondary outcome of invasive mechanical ventilation averted (mean cost and effects, per patient) in E-CATCO

VariableCost, Can$Deaths avertedICER
Cost-effectiveness (in-hospital mortality)
 Remdesivir37 918.420.809
 Placebo38 026.400.771Remdesivir dominant ($ per death averted)
 Incremental difference−$107.980.038
Cost-effectiveness (IMV)
VariableCost, Can$IMV events avertedICER
 Remdesivir37 918.420.836
 Placebo38 026.400.779Remdesivir dominant ($ per IMV averted)
 Incremental difference−$107.980.057
  • Note: CATCO = Canadian Treatments for COVID-19, CI = confidence interval, E-CATCO = economic evaluation alongside CATCO, ICER = incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, IMV = invasive mechanical ventilation.