Table 2:

Teaching and learning — subthemes identified in interview data with quotations

SubthemeExample quotations
Evolution“So, for the virtual one it is very similar in that they will do all the gathering of information, synthesizing the information, and making the plan. And then we will review that. And the only difference is that I will call the patient back if I am not happy or if we are missing information. But if the plan is good and the resident is comfortable, then they will call the patient back.” (F14)
Strategies“I have [the resident] find a phone and a computer so that they can independently review their patients for the day and make phone calls … we typically have a phone conversation to review the patient and then we conference call the patient together … depending on their level of training, I may get them to do the explanations of the plan to the patient or I may do it while they listen.” (F4)
Facilitators“… doing the teaching part when you have nothing to do, so you do a chalk board session … you never used to have any time to do that.” (F17)
Barriers“ … I think the impact on the learning is mainly in terms of the volume of people that I am seeing and I am not able to practice my approaches … .” (R1)