Table 3:

Assessment — subthemes identified in interview data with quotations

SubthemeExample quotations
Feedback“We get feedback from cases, and then also in some of the EPA assessments there is narrative.” (FG1)
EPAs“I think that is hard to answer because we don’t actually have very many assessments related to clinics in general. All of my EPAs are related to surgical techniques, and so I don’t have many related to who I see in the clinic.” (R2)
CanMEDS“I think it is harder to assess the leader roles and the collaborative ones virtually because there are less opportunities for those integrated collaborative experiences virtually with those that are best suited for evaluation in person or with a team.” (F5)
Facilitators“The process of doing EPAs is supported by this whole new virtual environment … these kinds of exchanges will be done online whenever possible.” (FG2)
Barriers“The lack of time to do direct observation in the clinic [is one of the biggest barriers]; I have never figured out how to make that better.” (F14)
  • Note: CanMEDS = Canadian Medical Education Directives for Specialists, EPA = Entrustable Professional Activity.