Table 4:

Logistical considerations — subthemes identified in interview data with quotations

SubthemeExample quotations
Limitations of virtual care“There were just too many logistical problems with [having residents in] virtual care … I essentially gave up trying to involve residents in the virtual clinic and just switched them to in-person clinics.” (F6)
Infrastructure of virtual care“Having to use patient rooms to create a private space for residents to go and do phone calls … Because we don’t want to do a patient call in a team room where other people could be listening in and where it could be compromising patient privacy but also disruptive to the team.” (F5)
Modality of virtual care“The fact that [the] telephone clinics are not OTN or video clinics is a problem, and we don’t have really good resources in place to support that. So, I think it would be easier to do a virtual clinic where I could see the patient and the resident talking at the same time on the screen in more sophisticated ways.” (F3)
  • Note: OTN = Ontario Telemedicine Network.