Table 2:

Summary of the core competencies of geriatric psychiatrists, geriatricians and family physicians with certification in Care of the Elderly, by CanMEDS Roles

CanMEDS roleCompetencyGeriatric psychiatristGeriatricianFamily medicine, Care of the Elderly
Medical expert/family medicine expertDifferentiates normal and abnormal agingXXX
Considers a patient’s comorbidities, frailty and functional status to prognosisXXX
Prevents, diagnoses and manages deliriumXXX
Examines, diagnoses and manages neurocognitive disorders (i.e., dementia) and associated behavioural changes or disturbancesXXX
Appropriately prescribes pharmaceuticalsXXX
Elicits patient historiesXXX
Tailors interventions for health promotion and disease preventionXXX
Assesses issues related to capacity and competency (i.e., personal decision-making, driving)XXX
Enquire about caregiver stress and capacityXXX
Knowledgeable about end-of-life careXXX
Applies best practices for falls prevention and screeningXX
Diagnoses and manages osteoporosis and fracture riskXX
Develops rehabilitative approachesXX
Performs detailed medication reviewsXX
Assesses for urinary incontinenceXX
Diagnoses and manages painXX
Manages palliative and end-of-life care issuesXX
Knowledgeable about psychotherapeutic constructs, psychopharmacology and therapeutic approachesX
Exhibits extensive knowledge about mental illnesses and psychiatric disordersX
Performs a comprehensive geriatrics assessmentX
Diagnoses and manages bowel dysfunctionX
CommunicatorElicits and synthesizes information from patients, families and care providersXXX
Recognizes and mitigates communication barriersXXX
Considers the merits of a second opinionXXX
Ensures communication during transfers or handoverXXX
Prioritizes issues for patient encounters with a recognition that the role is that of a specialist (not a primary care provider)XX
Proficient in the use of telepsychiatryX
CollaboratorPerforms timely consultsXXX
Exhibits respect for team membersXXX
Collaborates on assessments and care managementXXX
Respects the scopes of practice, differences and overlapping or shared responsibilities of providersXXX
Engages in shared decision-making with families and caregiversXXX
Identifies opportunities for learning and improvementXXX
Plans and delivers learning activitiesXXX
Describes the roles and responsibilities of geriatric mental health care teams and show leadership in teamsX
Acts as an expert resource on issues such as mental health legislationX
LeaderKnowledgeable about community resourcesXXX
Mediates and resolves conflicts within interprofessional teamsXXX
Applies quality improvement principles to evaluate and improve health care systems and cost-appropriate careXXX
Understands the health care system relevant to caring for older patientsXX
Competent in the use of health informatics to improve care quality and optimize safetyX
Engages in stewardship of health care resourcesXXX
Health advocateAdapts to meet patient needs and preferencesXXX
Recognizes and manages abuse, neglect and mistreatment of older adultsXXX
Advocates for essential hospital and community resources and servicesXXX
Identifies and responds to policies affecting healthXXX
Identifies vulnerable and marginalized populations and responds to cultural issuesXX
Identifies patient vulnerabilitiesX
Advocates for evidence-based health promotionX
Determines the need for immediate intervention, such as home visitsX
ScholarRecognizes knowledge limitations or gaps in literature specific to the medical care of geriatric populationsXXX
Critically appraises evidence, research and literatureXX
Poses scholarly questions, selects and applies methods to address questions, and communicates and disseminates findingsXX
Participates in research, program development, medical education and other activities that improve the delivery of servicesXXX
Recognizes the influence of role modelling and the effect of the formal, informal and hidden curricula on learnersX
ProfessionalIdentifies the capacity for decision-makingXXX
Obtains and documents informed consentXXX
Respects confidentiality, privacy and ethical codesXXX
Adheres to substitute decision-making policiesXXX
Exhibits appropriate professional boundariesXX
Shows a commitment to high-quality care and excellenceXX
Prioritizes personal and professional dutiesXX