Table 3:

Cost per person tested of training, scheduling, saline gargle collection, sample transport and contacting of participants, assuming two 50-person businesses are visited per day by 2 mobile team members

CostCost per person tested, $Details
Laboratory34.00Reimbursement cost for RT-PCR to detect SARS-CoV-2
Training mobile team0.04
 Coordinator and mobile team personnel0.03Based on 2 d of training*
 Materials and refreshments0.01Includes meals, materials for sample collection, and sanitizing and personal protective equipment
Administrative personnel to schedule businesses0.80Based on 2 h per business
Sample collection5.62
 Mobile team personnel2.99Based on 45 min to set up and tear down at each business and 6 min per person tested
 Sanitizing materials0.33Includes rags, paper towels, disinfectant and hand sanitizer
 Personal protective equipment0.38Includes 4 masks per day and 2 gloves per participant
 Sample collection materials1.74Includes a sample tube, a 5-mL saline ampoule and 2 biohazard bags
 Capital purchases0.18Includes items such as chairs, tables, trash bins, Plexiglass dividers, stationery, tablets for data collection, storage bins, dollies and coolers
Sample transport0.54
 Mobile team personnel0.19Assuming 30 min to drop off samples and 10 min driving between businesses
 Vehicle and fuel0.35Assuming 60 km driven per day
Administrative personnel to communicate results1.67Based on 5 min per result on average
  • Note: RT-PCR = reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.

  • * Estimated during study for nonresearch training days.

  • See Appendix 1, Table S2, for more details.

  • Estimated during study.