Table 3:

Theme of missing information

Quotation numberQuotation
1That [the patient orientation manual] is what we call our bible. That’s what we go back to and refer to all the time. (Patient 15)
2It was literally one line on a slide. (Patient 5)
3But they didn’t talk about any contraceptives or way to prevent it or anything. (Patient 7)
4I mean nothing’s really been clarified as for the pill or whether to go off it or what … nobody has given me any other options. (Patient 15)
5Like are my periods going to be different, because like it’s supposed to be coming up within the week … is it going to be on time like it was before? (Patient 5)
6Interviewer: Was there any training? Participant: No, none. (HCP 4)
7The other NPs [nurse practitioners] may not have the same familiarity with contraception, so I think that’s a barrier as well. Not to say that they don’t know about it, but there isn’t as much ease with it. (HCP 4)
8I think that it could definitely be missed … I mean hopefully I don’t miss it very often, but it’s kind of up to the nurse that’s doing the assessment to remember to tell them. (HCP 6)
  • Note: HCP = health care provider.