Table 4:

Theme of making assumptions

Quotation numberQuotation
1I don’t know if at that point they assume that I’m good and I know some things and I’m taken care of and so they don’t continue the conversation. (Patient 4, who reported that she had an intrauterine device before her surgery)
2I know some people get embarrassed talking about having sex and everything that goes along with it, but I think it would be good; they don’t even discuss how long you should abstain. (Patient 13)
3You don’t want to be on the pill thinking you’re fine and then all of sudden you get pregnant with your fourth child. (Patient 2)
4If their husbands have had vasectomies … I don’t counsel any further. (HCP 11)
5I don’t know what the nurses are telling them about what methods they can use. (HCP 2)
6Often we get that “well I haven’t ovulated” — that’s not a problem. (HCP 9)
  • Note: HCP = health care provider.