Table 1:

Description of enrolment programs implemented within fee-for-service systems in Quebec and British Columbia

VariableQuebec; name of program (date of implementation)British Columbia; name of program (date of implementation)
Vulnerable enrolment (7) (Jan. 1, 2003)*General enrolment (8) (Jan. 1, 2009)Chronic disease incentive (9) (Sept. 1, 2003)Complex care incentive (10) (Apr. 1, 2007)A GP for Me (11) (Apr. 1, 2013)
Criteria for enrolment
  • Chronic conditions, age > 70 yr

  • None

  • Diabetes, congestive heart failure

  • List of eligible conditions expanded in 2006

  • ≥ 2 eligible conditions

  • None; all primary care physicians and their patients

Physician responsibilities for enrolled patients
  • Formal enrolment between patient and physician through signed contract

  • Physician agrees to take charge of patient regularly and provide required follow-up care

  • Physician bills code accepting responsibility for chronic disease management for 1 yr

  • Physician bills code indicating willingness to provide “full-service family practice” and confirm relationship with patient through “standardized conversation”

Annual payment amount per patient
  • $14–$21 (varies based on practice setting)

  • Subsequently increased to $35–$75 (12)

  • Enables billing of additional fee codes

  • $7–$11 (varies based on practice setting)

  • Enables billing of additional fee codes

  • $75

  • $315

  • $0 opt-in, but enables billing of additional fee codes

  • * Physicians who were members of family medicine groups could enrol patients in November 2002.

  • In all programs, these amounts were in addition to regular fee-for-service payments.