Table 1:

Overview of participating programs

Program nameService typeDate of program launchDate range for dataNo. of cases completedMean no. of cases/moNo. of specialties available*
 AHS Calgary eReferralBASEJuly 2014August 2017–February 201939820.915
 AHS Calgary Zone Specialist LINKRACEJuly 2014August 2017–November 20186792424.515
British Columbia
 Fraser RACE TeamRACEJanuary 2014December 2017–November 201840133.410
 Interior EASERACEJanuary 2015December 2017–November 2018612517
 RACE NorthRACEJune 2012October 2017–November 201856740.513
 Providence eCASEBASEApril 2017May 2017–December 201893446.7
 BASE eConsult MBBASEDecember 2017December 2017–November 201817614.726
New Brunswick
 eConsult NBBASEMay 2018May 2018–October 20189716.15
Newfoundland and Labrador
 NL BASEBASENovember 2016September 2017–November 20181716114.437
 eConsult QuebecBASEMay 2017May 2017–March 2019138960.422
 Saskatchewan LINKRACEMarch 2016May 2017–December 201837718.97
  • Note: AHS = Alberta Health Services, BASE = Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation, RACE = Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise.

  • * At end of the data collection period.