Table 2:

Resource categories included in the cost estimates

Resource categoryIncluded services*
Outpatient visitsHospital outpatient clinic services, NACRS visits to dialysis clinics, NACRS visits to cancer clinics
Physician servicesOHIP physician billings (including fee-for-service and most of the shadow billings)
Emergency department visitsNACRS emergency department visits
Same-day surgerySame-day surgery procedures
Inpatient careInpatient hospital admissions and OMHRS admissions to designated mental health beds
Outpatient prescriptionOntario Drug Benefit prescription claims
Laboratory tests/servicesOHIP laboratory tests
Other servicesOHIP nonphysician services, Assistive Devices Program, rehabilitation services, home care, complex continuing care and long-term care
  • Note: NACRS = National Ambulatory Care Reporting System, OHIP = Ontario Health Insurance Plan, OMHRS = Ontario Mental Health Reporting System.

  • * Explanations of each administrative database can be found in Appendix 1. Additional details can be found in Appendix 2.

  • Refers to submitting a claim for services provided for which physicians are paid a small percentage of the usual fee.