Table 2:

Food source categories contributing to intakes of free and added sugar in preschool-aged children (n = 109) in the Guelph Family Health Study pilot studies

Food source category*Type of sugar% of free and added sugar intakeNo. (%) of children consuming the category
Bakery productsFree sugar29.6109 (100)
Added sugar34.9109 (100)
Sugars and sweetsFree sugar18.884 (77)
Added sugar22.184 (77)
Cereals and grain productsFree sugar9.477 (72)
Added sugar11.177 (72)
BeveragesFree sugar2377 (71)
Added sugar10.551 (47)
Dairy products and substitutesFree sugar6.463 (58)
Added Sugar7.563 (58)
SnacksFree sugar1.448 (44)
Added sugar1.748 (44)
Sauces, dips and condimentsFree sugar2.144 (40)
Added sugar2.544 (40)
DessertsFree sugar4.129 (27)
Added sugar4.728 (26)
Mixed dishes, sides and entreesFree sugar1.221 (19)
Added sugar1.320 (18)
Meats, eggs and substitutesFree sugar0.317 (16)
Added sugar0.317 (16)
FruitsFree sugar1.512 (11)
Added sugar1.712 (11)
Other foods and beveragesFree sugar1.110 (9)
Added sugar1.310 (9)
Nuts and seedsFree sugar0.17 (6)
Added sugar0.17 (6)
Fats, oils and vinegarsFree sugar0.15 (5)
Added sugar0.25 (5)
SoupsFree sugar0.35 (5)
Added sugar0.35 (5)
VegetablesFree sugar00 (0)
Added sugar00 (0)
Fish and seafoodFree sugar00 (0)
Added sugar00 (0)
  • * The 17 categories were adapted from Bernstein et al.19

  • Calculation for free and added sugar was completed by calculating the average of added/free sugar (grams) for 3 days for each participant in the specific category divided by total added/free sugar (grams) times 100.

  • Percent of children consuming the category: this is a calculation of the percent of participants who were included in each category. Total n = 109 preschool-aged children.