Table 1:

Participant demographic characteristics

CharacteristicNo. of participants*
n = 10
Age, mean (range), yr36.9 (30–41)
Country of birth
Geographic location
 Outside Toronto3
Cohabiting with partner10
No. of children in household
Employment status at time of interview
  Maternity leave5
  Working outside home2
  Working from home1
  Primary caregiver2
  Employed full-time10
Live-in nanny1
Previous cesarean birth
Presence of partner during standard cesarean birth10
Presence of partner during skin-to-skin cesarean birth10
Timing of interview, mean no. of months post partum (range)11.2 (1–19)
  • * Except where noted otherwise.

  • Includes only children from previous pregnancies.

  • Due to cephalopelvic disproportion or fetal distress.