Table 2:

Case definition for hearing loss in older adults

Text terms and phrasesICD-9 codeICD-9 descriptionExclusion
“presbycusis”V41.2Problems with hearingNone
“sensorineural hearing loss”V49.85Dual sensory impairment: blindness with deafness; combined visual hearing impairmentNone
“noise-induced hearing loss”V53.2Hearing aidNone
“conductive hearing loss”V72.11Encounter for hearing examination following failed hearing screeningNone
“hard of hearing”V72.12Encounter for hearing conservation and treatmentNone
“hearing loss”V80.3Ear diseasesV72.11–V72.19
“trouble hearing”388.12Noise-induced hearing lossNone
“hearing problems”; “problems with hearing”388.2Sudden hearing loss, unspecifiedNone
“perceptive hearing loss”389Hearing lossNone
“neural hearing loss”389Conductive hearing loss389.20–389.22
“mixed hearing loss”389Conductive hearing loss, unspecifiedNone
“unspecified hearing loss”389.01Conductive hearing loss, external earNone
389.02Conductive hearing loss, tympanic membraneNone
389.03Conductive hearing loss, middle earNone
389.04Conductive hearing loss, inner earNone
389.05Conductive hearing loss, unilateralNone
389.06Conductive hearing loss, bilateralNone
389.08Conductive hearing loss of combined typesNone
389.1Sensorineural hearing loss: perceptive hearing loss or deafness388.40–388.44; 389.20–389.22; 306.7
389.1Sensorineural hearing loss, unspecifiedNone
389.11Sensory hearing loss, bilateralNone
389.12Neural hearing loss, bilateralNone
389.13Neural hearing loss, unilateralNone
389.14Central hearing lossNone
389.15Sensorineural hearing loss, unilateralNone
389.16Sensorineural hearing loss, asymmetricNone
389.17Sensory hearing loss, unilateralNone
389.18Sensorineural hearing loss, bilateralNone
389.2Mixed hearing loss, unspecifiedNone
389.21Mixed hearing loss, unilateralNone
389.22Mixed hearing loss, bilateralNone
389.8Other specified forms of hearing lossNone
744Unspecified anomaly of ear with impairment of hearingNone
  • Note: ICD-9 = International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision.