Table 1:

Health care resources consumed by pregnant women with type 1 diabetes and their infants, from CONCEPTT trial randomization until hospital discharge after delivery

Health care resourceCGMSMBG
No. of resources*No. of mother/infant dyads
n = 100
No. of resources*No. of mother/infant dyads
n = 102
Antenatal assessments or visits
 Total unscheduled contacts151096102591
  For diabetes management8448985887
  For CGM issue2116386
  For diabetes and CGM issues269422514
  For other reasons not specified1865113446
 Maternal antenatal hospitalizations ≥ 24 h not for delivery
  No. of admissions25222117
  Total length of hospital stay, d5442
 Maternal obstetrical day unit
  No. of visits9788
  Total length of visits (assumed 6 h/visit), h5448
 Pregnancy termination ≥ 20 wk0011
 Inductions (assumed 1 induction per participant)49494242
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery (excludes 1 termination)28281818
 Operative vaginal delivery (excluding 1 stillbirth)9988
 Elective or planned cesarean delivery26263030
 Emergency or unplanned cesarean delivery37374444
Hospital length of stay for delivery
Total maternal hospital length of stay for delivery, d (h)474.9 (11 396.8)100560.9 (13 461.4)102
 Total antenatal ward duration, h2306.01004078.1102
  Participants with hypertensive symptoms or preeclampsia1829
 Total labour and delivery ward duration, h1301.31001600.8102
 Total operating room ward duration§, h93.872108.484
 Total postpartum ward duration, h7789.61007782.5102
Total length of stay in high level NICU for any high level NICU admission, d (h)180.0 (4320.6)30391.6 (9398.0)45
Total length of stay in high level NICU for physician care, d2083043045
 Adjudicated NICU Level 2 physician care, d881923030
 Adjudicated NICU Level 3 physician care, d1201120015
 NICU level 2 hospital ward duration, d (h)71.3 (1711.7)19205.1 (4922.5)30
 NICU Level 3 hospital ward duration, d (h)108.7 (2608.9)11186.5 (4475.5)15
CGM and SMBG usage**
No. of days used
 Total, d18 511.210018 238.6102
 Per patient, mean ± SD185.1 ± 17.1178.8 ± 20.1
No. of patients using Medtronic CGM devices
 Total no. of Medtronic CGM devices4242NANA
 Medtronic Pump VEO3030NANA
 Medtronic Veo Kit Pump1010NANA
 Medtronic Pump 640G22NANA
No. of patients using Guardian CGM devices5858NANA
No. of CGM sensors used (estimated)NA
 Per patient, mean ± SD31.3 ± 2.9NANA
Total no. of glucometers used (estimated)100100102102
No. of SMBG strips used (estimated)
 Total129 630100127 722102
 Per patient, mean ± SD1296.3 ± 119.51252.2 ± 140.7
  • Note: CGM = continuous glucose monitoring, NA = not applicable, NICU = neonatal intensive care unit, SD = standard deviation, SMBG = self-monitoring blood glucose.

  • * Unless indicated otherwise.

  • Unscheduled contacts refer to patient visits or contacts that were not already planned in the trial schedule of study visits, including clinic visits or appointments via phone, email or text, with the nurse, doctor, research staff or CGM helpline.

  • Participants with hypertensive symptoms or adjudicated preeclampsia had 24 hours added to their labour and delivery ward duration and removed from postnatal ward duration.

  • § Estimated from Early External Cephalic Version 2 trial (10) by parity for cesarean delivery and operative vaginal delivery, including for 1 stillbirth and 1 termination ≥ 20 weeks.

  • Total postpartum ward duration (includes reduction in postnatal ward time given increased labour and delivery ward duration of 24 hours if hypertensive symptoms or adjudicated preeclampsia).

  • ** CGM and SMBG usage is estimated from the total number of participant days from randomization to infant birth date. Guardian CGM devices were used for non-Medtronic pump users or multiple daily injection users.