Table 2:

Barriers to and facilitators of accessing sexual and reproductive health care most frequently reported by survey participants

Barrier/facilitatorNo. of participants% of participants (95% CI)
Barriers (n = 53)
I think health care providers judge sex workers3362 (48.8–74.1)
I am concerned about my anonymity/confidentiality3362 (48.8–74.1)
I think health care providers are uninformed about sex workers3260 (46.9–72.4)
I feel emotional distress, depression or anxiety2955 (41.4–67.4)
The cost of things I need for my sexual health, like birth control, condoms or other prescriptions2853 (39.7–65.6)
I am worried about my friends or family finding out2751 (37.9–63.9)
Facilitators (n = 52)
Staff and volunteers who have sex work experience4179 (65.8–87.9)
Nonjudgmental staff and volunteers3873 (59.7–83.3)
Antioppressive space3873 (59.7–83.3)
Knowing that I will not be reported to the police, social worker or child protection services for my involvement in sex work3262 (47.9–73.6)
Staff and volunteers who are similar to me (e.g., in age, gender identity, sexual identity, race)2548 (35.1–61.3)
Convenient location2038 (26.5–52.1)
  • Note: CI = confidence interval.