Table 2:

Summary of clinical and operational characteristics of injectable opioid agonist treatment programs

ProgramHours*Core onsite staffiOATCapacity (no. of clients); scanNo. of available daily doses; scanDose access structure;§ scan
Scan 1 (Sept. 2018)Scan 2 (Mar. 2019)Scan 1 (Sept. 2018)Scan 2 (Mar. 2019)Scan 1 (Sept. 2018)Scan 2 (Mar. 2019)
A: PHS Housing6–7Nurses, mental health workers (depending on housing unit)HDM6622OpenOpen
B: Columbia Street Community Clinic6.75Nurses, peer support workers, pharmacists, pharmacist techniciansHDM652Open
C: Molson iOAT Clinic7Nurses, mental health workers, peer support workersHDM306022OpenOpen
D: Molson Tablet iOAT Program9Nurses, mental health workers, peer support workerstHDM605Open
E: St. Paul’s Hospital24All inpatient service staffHDMNo limitNo limit********
F: Crosstown Clinic13.5Nurses, clinic assistantsHDM
G: Vancouver Native Health Clinic6.75Nurses, peer support workers, pharmacists, pharmacist techniciansHDM652Open
H: Downtown Community Health Centre7Nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, community liaison workers, pharmacists, pharmacist techniciansHDM141422OpenOpen
I: Lookout iOAT Clinic10Nurses, harm reduction workers, clinic coordinatorsHDM505022GroupOpen
J: Shepherds of Good Hope Shelter24Client care workersHDM6674–5OpenOpen
K: Ottawa Mission Hospice24Nurse coordinatorsHDM8874–5OpenOpen
L: John Howard Housing24Nurse coordinatorsHDM212174–5OpenOpen
M: Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre10.5Nurses, peer support workers, clinic managers, office assistantsHDM353Group
N: Royal Alexandra Hospital9Nurses, physicians, peer support workers, addiction counsellors, office assistantHDM153Booking
  • Note: DAM = diacetylmorphine, HDM = hydromorphone, iOAT = injectable opioid agonist treatment, tHDM = tablet hydromorphone.

  • * The approximate amount of time the program was available for clients per day (may include closure for staff breaks or handover sessions).

  • Staff available during all opening hours and providing the foundation for day-to-day operations. Other staff (e.g., physician, psychiatrist, dietitian) were available at varying times.

  • Available iOAT medications: liquid HDM, liquid DAM (medical heroin) and tHDM.

  • § Several dose access structures were in use: open = clients attended any time, group = clients were allocated to a treatment group with specified times, booking = clients received individual appointments.

  • The Columbia Street Community Clinic and the Vancouver Native Health Clinic shared a single community pharmacy partner for maintenance doses; these data represent the pharmacy characteristics only.

  • ** As clinically indicated during acute care admission; iOAT dose administered directly by nursing staff.