Table 1:

Summary of service delivery models for injectable opioid agonist treatment by organization

Organization*ProgramCityProvinceStart dateService delivery model
PHS Community Services SocietyA: PHS Housing§VancouverBCSept. 2016Embedded and integrated; supported housing
B: Columbia Street Community ClinicVancouverBCMar. 2017Pharmacy based
C: Molson iOAT ClinicVancouverBCJan. 2018Embedded and integrated; overdose prevention site — separate entrance and injection space
D: Molson Tablet iOAT ProgramVancouverBCJan. 2019Embedded and integrated; overdose prevention site — shared entrance and injection space
Providence Health CareE: St. Paul’s HospitalVancouverBCJuly 2017Hospital based; inpatient within ward setting
F: Crosstown Clinic**VancouverBCAug. 2017Comprehensive and dedicated; standalone clinic
Vancouver Native Health SocietyG: Vancouver Native Health ClinicVancouverBCAug. 2017Pharmacy based
Vancouver Coastal HealthH: Downtown Community Health CentreVancouverBCJune 2018Embedded and integrated; community health centre — shared entrance, separate injection space
Fraser HealthI: Lookout iOAT ClinicSurreyBCJune 2018Embedded and integrated; community health centre — separate entrance and injection space
Ottawa Inner City HealthJ: Shepherds of Good Hope ShelterOttawaONNov. 2017Embedded and integrated; shelter
K: Ottawa Mission HospiceOttawaONMay 2018Embedded and integrated; hospice
L: John Howard HousingOttawaONAug. 2018Embedded and integrated; supported housing
Alberta Health Services (N: in partnership with Inner City Health and Wellness)M: Sheldon M. Chumir Health CentreCalgaryABOct. 2018Comprehensive and dedicated; colocated with community health centre
N: Royal Alexandra HospitalEdmontonABOct. 2018Hospital based; inpatient (and outpatient temporarily until community clinic opens) via hospital supervised consumption site
  • Note: AB = Alberta, BC = British Columbia, iOAT = injectable opioid agonist treatment, ON = Ontario, PHS = Portland Hotel Society.

  • * Regional health authorities and community not-for-profit organizations, commonly with an operational or funding partnership.

  • Canadian provinces reporting iOAT programs as of Mar. 1, 2019, were BC, ON and AB.

  • Based on diverse pharmacy partnerships for dispensing, including private and health authority facilities located onsite, in the community or in a hospital.

  • § PHS operates 3 supported housing units in which iOAT has been offered as of Mar. 1, 2019; this housing program is implemented at all units by the same staff members.

  • Start date represents initiation of formal prescribing within the hospital using preprinted orders; iOAT was prescribed earlier using other methods.

  • ** Site of 2 iOAT clinical trials running between 2005 and 2014; start date refers to the date on which new clients (other than participants in the clinical trials) began receiving iOAT.