Table 2:

The 15 most frequently recorded nonpharmaceutical intervention categories by count with descriptive examples

Intervention categoryDefinitionCountSample intervention summary
Public announcementAny announcement or recommendation that does not fit elsewhere298Recommendation for residents to be vigilant, to refer to Santé Montréal (
General case announcementAny announcement on a COVID-19 case that is not the first case announcement in a region217Announce 9 new cases, total 73 in BC (
Emergency economic fundingStimulus or funding to mitigate the economic effects of COVID-19166Government to pay Alberta Energy Regulator industry levy for 6 months, totaling $113 million (
Social distancing announcementAny announcement of a social distancing policy130Government of Saskatchewan “strongly recommends” companies take travel and distancing measures (
Emergency social services fundingStimulus or funding to enhance social service capacity104$3-million Arts and Culture Resilience Supplement to be administered by the British Columbia Arts Council (
Administrative flexibilityAny relaxation of government, bureaucratic or other regulations90Deferral of timber dues for 6 months by Government of Alberta to help ensure forestry companies can continue operations (
Nonessential workplace closureAny decision or order closing workplaces deemed “nonessential”83Dominion Diamond Mines voluntarily suspends activity (
Public event or meeting cancellation or postponementCancellation of any public events76All March Break programming, camps and drop-in activities are cancelled in Oshawa (
Health care facility restrictionsAny changes in or restrictions on the functioning or processes of health care facilities75Whitehorse General Hospital will suspend any nonurgent surgery procedures starting Mar. 23, 2020 (
Recreational or entertainment facility closureThe closure of any nonretail recreational or entertainment facility74GoodLife Fitness clubs close across Kelowna (
Emergency health care fundingFunding to enhance health care service capacity69Government of British Columbia announces $5-million funding to expand virtual mental health access during pandemic (
Recommended self-isolationRecommendation from public health authorities for certain groups or individuals to isolate for 2 weeks64Nunavut Department of Health recommends self-monitoring for returning travellers from conference in Toronto where there was a sick contact (
School closureAnnouncement of class cancellations and ongoing suspension of in-person events60Newfoundland and Labrador English School District suspends all in-school class instruction (
Declaration of emergency (or similar)Announcement of state of emergency by organizational body57Declaration of state of emergency in Manitoba (
Government building closureAnnouncement of closure of workplaces related to government organizations55Closure of recycling centres in Québec City until further notice (
  • Note: COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019.