Table 3:

Adjusted per capita primary care payment costs by subgroup and type of cost, and ratio of estimated costs for population with and without the specified condition, 2002/03 and 2011/12

SubgroupAdjusted per capita PCP estimate, $, and ratio of payment estimate for those with and without each condition*Ratio of overall adjusted payment ratios 2011/12 and 2002/03
Overall, 2002/03Funding model, 2011/12Overall, 2011/12
Fee-for-servicePhysician capitationPhysician otherInterdisciplinary teamOtherTotal
Any mental health disorder3011.503871.451300.95821.08930.98731.163640.996771.350.90
Psychotic disorder3041.383801.331411.04831.081161.23861.343871.056731.270.92
Substance abuse disorder355.1.627902.821240.92730.941061.13811.273050.8211932.291.41
Nonpsychotic disorder3041.503771.381290.95821.08910.96721.153660.996651.310.87
Diabetes mellitus2821.343781.431330.981061.53900.94630.984171.176371.260.94
  • Note: PCP = primary care payment.

  • * Adjusted for age, sex, rurality, neighbourhood income quintile, immigrant status, comorbidity and primary care model.

  • Fee-for-service only.

  • Alternative funding.