Table 4:

Risk of preterm birth by category of assisted reproduction among 2055 pregnancies that involved the use of ovarian stimulators or assisted reproductive technologies or both

Category of assisted reproductionNo. (%) of preterm births
n = 182
Crude OR (95%CI)Adjusted OR* (95%CI)
Use of OS alone38 (20.9)1.001.00
Use of ART alone15 (1.0)1.13 (0.60–2.13)1.08 (0.58–2.08)
Use of both OS and ART103 (2.8)0.96 (0.65–1.41)0.91 (0.61–1.36)
  • Note: ART = artificial reproductive technologies, CI = confidence interval, OR = odds ratio, OS = ovarian stimulators.

  • * Adjusted for sociodemographic variables (maternal age, urban dwelling, recipient of social assistance, sex of the child) as well as maternal comorbidities measured within 12 mo before the first day of gestation (hypertension, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, depression or anxiety, coagulopathy, infection, prior pregnancy and other medication use) and during pregnancy (smoking and obesity).