Table 1:

Classification of tools used to accomplish the legislation purpose32

Tax and spendImpose taxes, provide tax credits or exemptions
Direct regulationDirectly impose restrictions such as prohibitions and licensing on individuals and businesses
Indirect regulation through tort systemGrant of causes of action in tort to government or others
DeregulationRepeal of legislative provisions that disincentivize desired public health behaviours
Delegation of regulation to public administrative bodyGrant legal authority to public or administrative body (e.g., school board) empowering it to act and set its duties
Alter informational environmentMandate product labelling, instructions for safe use, disclosure of ingredients or health warnings, limits on harmful or misleading advertising
Alter built environmentGrant ability to alter or regulate built environment or what people can do with built environment
Alter socioeconomic environmentImprove health by targeting social or economic resources to benefit of disadvantaged populations