Table 4:

Needs most commonly identified during the telephone interview by women who participated in the program and those who did not meet their mentor after release

Need*No. (%) of women
Participated in program
n = 174
Did not meet mentor
n = 172
Clothing102 (58.6)115 (66.9)
Social assistance102 (58.6)107 (62.2)
Housing73 (42.0)102 (59.3)
Probation51 (29.3)59 (34.3)
Drug and alcohol counsellor48 (27.6)47 (27.3)
Outreach worker44 (25.3)43 (25.0)
Narcotics Anonymous/ Alcoholics Anonymous meeting times35 (20.1)33 (19.2)
Health care34 (19.5)27 (15.7)
  • * Participants could select more than 1 need. Other needs identified included access to a dentist, food, a safe ride home or to other transportation, help with court, family services, access to grief counselling, support to stop shoplifting, treatment programs, mental health services and help with bail supervision.