Table 1:

Characteristics of citizen deliberations

DeliberationPanel sizeLocationPopulation (2016) (17)OBSP screening rate, %*Recruitment strategy usedBrochures reviewed by small group
Previous panelPrint advertisementOnline advertisementOnline survey panel
A13Ontario13 488 49443.2XX
  1. British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador

  2. Alberta, Saskatchewan

B12Northern Ontario107 90948.7XX
  1. Manitoba, Quebec

  2. Alberta, Quebec

C12Southern Ontario97 49659.3XX
  1. Alberta, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories

  2. British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory

D12Greater Toronto Area2 731 57134.9X
  1. Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories

  2. Quebec, Nova Scotia, Yukon Territory

  • Note: OBSP = Ontario Breast Screening Program.

  • * Age-standardized proportion of screen-eligible women aged 50–74 years at average risk who had at least 1 mammography screening examination with the OBSP in 2010/11. (18)

  • All groups also reviewed the OBSP brochure and invitation letter.