Table 3:

Needs most commonly identified by women during telephone interview before release from provincial correctional facility and during intake interview on/after their release

Need*No. (%) of women
Telephone interview
n = 346
Intake interview
n = 161
Clothing217 (62.7)92 (57.1)
Social assistance209 (60.4)112 (69.6)
Housing178 (51.4)60 (37.3)
Probation109 (31.5)1 (0.6)
Drug and alcohol counsellor95 (27.4)44 (27.3)
Outreach worker87 (25.1)40 (24.8)
Narcotics Anonymous/ Alcoholics Anonymous meeting times63 (18.2)25 (15.5)
Health care52 (15.0)48 (29.8)
  • * Participants could select more than 1 need. Other needs identified included access to a dentist, food, a safe ride home or to other transportation, help with court, family services, access to grief counselling, support to stop shoplifting, treatment programs, mental health services and help with bail supervision.

  • Answer missing for 11 women.

  • Outreach workers are employed by community organizations to support people who are street involved or have unstable housing to meet their needs such as getting health care or connecting to housing.