Table 2:

Study participants by referral stratum

Geographical settingPractice referral rate*Individual primary care provider referral rateNo. of primary care providers eligible
n = 175
No. of primary care providers interviewed
n = 19
No. of site liaisons interviewed
n = 4
UrbanHigh (n = 4)High2761
No referrals2010
Low (n = 4)High312
No referrals4011
RuralHigh (n = 4)High1100
No referrals700
Low (n = 2)High430
No referrals1530
  • * Practices with high referral rates made more than 0.15 referrals per month on average per family physician or nurse practitioner in the practice; practices with low referral rates made 0.15 or fewer.

  • High = more than 0.2 referrals per month on average; low = 0.2 referrals or fewer per month on average.

  • There was 1 site liaison per study site (n = 14) and 1 liaison for a study site that withdrew from PARTNERs early in the study; we contacted all of them.