Table 2:

Representative quotations from parents

Traditional messages: unrealistic recommendationsParenting is really hard and I don’t want to be told off for sitting my kid down in front of a screen, when I need a break … if the consequences are worse … I don’t want to be getting really angry, if I need some time to cool down then I rather them have the screen time than me lose it. (P12)
I think that it is a great theory but try to work 3 night shifts in a row and not put her in front of the TV for half an hour when I just need her to calm down, or I just need to get something done or go switch the laundry or something. (P10)
I think it [rigid guidelines] is another thing that would make parents feel guilty and another challenge that makes it difficult for parents. (P11)
I think parenting is pretty tough and you get lots of advice and sometimes trying to do it all it, doesn’t make you feel so good. (P12)
I have got to be sane for her to be sane and if it means letting her watch a show for 15 minutes then that’s fine. (P10)
I think that you need to set realistic goals for parents. (P9)
Traditional messages: unclear and inconsistent messagingThere is so much information that you get hit with, you kind of remember bits of it … you don’t remember it [all] correctly. (P12)
I think I have heard no screen time under 2 and then I’ve heard limit screen time to half an hour a day for maybe over 2 but I am getting them mixed up. So, I am not exactly sure. (P12)
There’s like 12 grams of sugar in milk so … where do you draw the line? (P27)
Sugary drinks and juice is all the same now? It just seems kind of unclear — I thought 100% juice was recommended in the Food Guide? (P13)
Technology is such an important part of our society these days, that you do not want to completely eliminate it from your child’s life. (P3)
Advertising or smart marketing make you think it’s healthy; there’s a lot of misconceptions around food. (P26)
Novel feeding roles messageI think it’s wonderful — I should put it on my fridge; you can’t make your kid eat. (P1)
It makes it really black and white ... it’s not something you think about, but to see somebody spell it out for you … you realize that it’s important. (P24)
Babies and kids thrive on structure and routine and being able to predict what’s going to happen. (P3)
I feel that it is important to be there as a family; you can’t force them to eat. (P20)
It’s really helped us have a much more pleasant mealtime; before it would get really tense and people would be really unhappy; it makes the whole evening go better. (P4)
Including her in our meal times … and making it more about a social interaction, suddenly she [is] also like, “Oh yeah, I want to eat too.” (P13)
It tells you that your child, if he’s not eating then that’s totally fine. (P4)
Preferences: importance of starting earlyI think just knowing this stuff before you kind of start out, before the baby comes is very important. (P10)
I wish I had never given him any form of juice whatsoever because then we wouldn’t have had this ongoing battle. (P26)
It is hard after we already set the precedent that you can say you are hungry and you get a snack. It is harder to go back. (P33)
When they’re sort of under [age] one, it’s pretty easy to control it, but will be tough in daycare. … [now] it’s my chance though. (P2)
If they don’t know that juice is an option then I don’t think they miss it. (P11)
If you start right away, I can’t imagine that it would be a problem. (P28)
If it’s an infant then it is really easy to say, no you can’t have it, but if they are older they can argue with you. (P12)
If they’ve been following this recommendation, they’re not all of a sudden going to start feeding them sugary drinks because they’ve built up a healthy habit. (P6)
Preferences: presentationPeople don’t like reading … I feel like paper stuff might not … be the way to go anymore. (P2)
When we went to the hospital, they gave us like this whole package of stuff and it was like “blehh.” (P11)
I prefer it on paper … I get so overwhelmed with emails, my inbox is full every day … you just delete it … I think it sticks in your mind better, too. (P24)
We primarily get our information online … on Facebook we’ve created these mom groups. (P16)
I think it’s the conversation … that had the most impact on me, that’s what I remember. (P9)
[Posters in the waiting room?] Yeah, for sure — boredom is a powerful influence. (P16)
Preferences: community-basedI think if everyone is doing it, it becomes normal. (P12)
There are other programs adopting that no-juice philosophy already. It’s easy if it’s everywhere, on the same page. (P5)
We go to Strong Start on the Wednesdays and that’s great because it is a night off for me and it is a healthy meal. (P12)
I can’t really say to my daughter “you can’t drink it” [at a party] when everyone [else] is. (P15)
The daycare … they have a really good schedule for the kids so that really helps. (P4)
  • Note: P = participant.