Table 1:

Team characteristics before matching

TeamDate establishedGeographic area servedNo. decedents in FY 2009/10 and FY 2010/11Median time on service, dPalliative care physicians, no. of FTE (funding source)Nurses, no. of FTEOther team members, no. of FTE
12009Urban830401 (FFS)82
22009Suburban221533 (FFS)3.55
32009Suburban144381 (FFS)10.6
42009Suburban125401 (FFS)21
52009Suburban105360.5 (FFS)10.2
62009Rural90632 (APP)21.2
71986Urban6764511.5 (APP)15.9
82007Suburban497492 (FFS and APP)21
91998Urban775381.3 (FFS)31.7
102004Rural268230.6 (APP)12.5
111979Rural181326 (FFS)24.7
  • Note: APP = alternative payment plan (i.e., physician reimbursement is a combination of FFS and salary), FFS = fee-for-service (i.e., physicians bill for each aspect of care and service they provide according to a set price mechanism), FTE = full time equivalent, FY = fiscal year.