Table 1:

Description of data sets used for analysis

Name of data setDescriptionYears of data usedInformation retrieved
Population registryThis registry is maintained by the provincial department of health and includes information for all Manitobans eligible to receive health services since 1970. It includes demographic information and patients’ 6-digit residential postal code.1970/71 to June 2013Demographic information: region of residence
Canadian censusSocial data from the Statistics Canada population census were used to indicate area-level income. The Manitoba population was divided into 5 income quintiles according to average household income, with Q1 being the lowest and Q5 being the highest income quintile.1996, 2001, 2006, 2011Socioeconomic status information
Employment and income assistanceData maintained by the Manitoba Department of Families provide information on Manitoba residents who receive provincial income assistance.1995/96 to 2012/13Receipt of income assistance
Babies First/Families First screening programsData on newborn risk factors are collected as part of a home visiting program conducted by Healthy Child Manitoba. The screening form is filled out by public health nurses for all families with newborns in Manitoba and captures data on biological, social and demographic risk factors and alcohol use during pregnancy.2003 to 2013 (Families First), 2000 to 2002 (Babies First)Alcohol and drug use during pregnancy, social isolation
InSight programData are collected from the InSight outreach program, in which mentors provide support to women who use substances and are pregnant or have recently had a baby. This data set includes information on women who have prenatal alcohol use.1999 to 2012/2013Alcohol and substance use during pregnancy
Hospital discharge abstractsManitoba Health maintains health data on all hospital admissions in Manitoba. Up to 16 ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes are included for discharges before Apr. 1, 2004, and up to 25 ICD-10-CA diagnostic codes for discharges on or after Apr. 1, 2004.1981 to 2012/13Physical and mental health diagnoses, antenatal hospitalizations, suicide attempts
Medical/physician reimbursement claimsManitoba Health maintains health data on all ambulatory visits to physicians in Manitoba. A single ICD-9 diagnostic code is associated with each visit, coded to the third digit.1981 to 2012/13Physical and mental health diagnoses, physician visits, prenatal care
Prescription claims: Drug Program Information NetworkManitoba Health maintains data on all prescription drug claims from the Drug Program Information Network (an electronic, online, point-of-sale prescription drug database that connects Manitoba Health and all pharmacies in Manitoba). Information on all prescription drugs dispensed in Manitoba is included.1995/96 to 2012/13Physical and mental health conditions
Manitoba FASD CentreThis data set includes clinical assessments and diagnoses received under the FASD umbrella for all children referred to the Manitoba FASD Centre. It contains data for children who have received a diagnosis of FASD, children who have been assessed but do not meet the criteria for FASD and children who have received a deferred status, meaning that they will be assessed at a later time.1999 to 2012/13FASD diagnosis
Vital statisticsA longitudinal population-based registry is maintained by the Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency that contains data for all Manitobans who have died since January 1970, including the cause of death.1970 to 2012/13Cause of premature death, suicide completion
Education: enrolment, marks and assessmentsThe Manitoba Department of Education and Training maintains data on enrolment, marks, high school completion and special funding. (Special education funding is provided to children with severe to profound disabilities.)1995/96 to 2012/13High school completion, level of special education funding
  • Note: FASD = fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, ICD-9 = 9th revision of the International Classification of Diseases; ICD-9-CM = clinical modification of the ICD-9; ICD-10-CA = Canadian version of the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases. (Adapted, with permission, from Singal D, Brownell M, Hanlon-Dearman A, et al. Manitoba mothers and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders study (MBMomsFASD): protocol for a population-based cohort study using linked administrative data. BMJ Open 2016;6:e013330.14)