Table 4:

Responses regarding data access and privacy and security controls

Area; measureNo. (%) of respondents
n = 151
Most important*Want additional information about
Data access controls
Must apply for data access94 (62.2)38 (25.2)
Approval from research ethics board89 (58.9)70 (46.4)
Approval from data stewards77 (51.0)101 (66.9)
Access data for limited time31 (20.5)45 (29.8)
Privacy and security controls
Data are deidentified135 (89.4)
Privacy training and confidentiality agreement87 (57.6)
Review of research outputs66 (43.7)
Funding agencies cannot access data54 (35.8)
No access outside Canada53 (35.1)
  • * Respondents could select up to 2 measures for data access controls and up to 3 measures for privacy and security controls.

  • Respondents could select up to 2 measures.