Table 2:

Urine cultures sent, antibiotic prescriptions and amount of follow-up time across the study phases for the 10 long-term care homes that completed implementation of the program

VariableTotalPhaseIRR, baseline v. intervention (95% CI)
Outcome, no. per 1000 resident-days
 Urine cultures sent2.643.202.352.090.70 (0.61–0.79)0.72 (0.63–0.82)
 Urinary antibiotic prescriptions1.191.521.090.830.59 (0.46–0.72)0.60 (0.47–0.74)
 Total antibiotic prescriptions3.203.852.822.600.74 (0.66–0.82)0.74 (0.65–0.83)
 Home-months, no.164704252NANA
 Resident-days, no. (thousands)793.2344.8198.2250.2NANA
  • Note: CI = confidence interval, IRR = incidence rate ratio, NA = not applicable.

  • Months that each home participated in a given period of the study, summed across all homes.

  • Days that each resident stayed at a home within a given period, summed across all residents.