Table 2:

Factors associated with attendance at postdischarge primary care appointment after stepwise regression,* adjusted for age, sex and Charlson Comorbidity Index

FactorAdjusted OR (95% CI)
Age1.01 (0.98–1.03)
Male sex1.20 (0.62–2.33)
Charlson Comorbidity Index1.07 (0.91–1.26)
Presence of a home support worker0.38 (0.17–0.80)
Pimary care appointment booked before discharge2.14 (1.07–4.40)
Familiar primary care provider5.43 (2.25–14.1)
Specialist appointment booked before discharge0.37 (0.18–0.73)
Discharge summary
 Recommended primary care follow-up only1.00 (0.44–2.25)
 Recommended primary care follow-up and provided time but no callback number0.79 (0.27–2.28)
 Recommended primary care follow-up and provided callback number but no appointment time0.97 (0.17–5.53)
 Recommended primary care follow-up and provided both callback number and time15.3 (2.09–326)
  • Note: CI = confidence interval, OR = odds ratio.

  • * Mixed stepwise regression based on Akaike information criterion.

  • Reference group is discharge summary provided no instructions regarding primary care follow-up.