Table 1:

Characteristics of all publicly funded federal drug plans in Canada that cover antiretrovirals for adults and seniors, December 2017

Public drug program; eligibilityCost-sharing requirementsRestrictions
Premium*DeductibleCopaymentCoordinates with other payersPrescriberPharmacyPlan covers drugs not related to HIV
Non-Insured Health Benefits Program
Registered First Nations persons, Inuit recognized by an Inuit land claim organization
$0$0$0Private firstNoneNoneYes
Interim Federal Health Program
Resettled refugees, protected persons, refugee claimants, victims of human trafficking, detainees
$0$0$0NAFollows provincial policyFollows provincial policyFollows provincial formulary
Veteran Affairs Canada Prescription Drug Program
Royal Canadian Mounted Police members, Canadian war veterans, eligible Canadian Armed Forces members, certain wartime civilians
$0$0$0Private firstNoneNoneBenefits related to plan
Correctional Service Canada
Federal inmates
$0$0$0NACSC institution physicianCSC institutionYes
Canadian Forces Health Services
Canadian Armed Forces personnel, authorized visiting military forces, foreign military exchange personnel and their dependents
$0$0$0NANoneLocal base pharmacy or community pharmacy if after hoursYes
  • Note: CSC = Correctional Service Canada, NA = not applicable.

  • * The amount an individual must pay to be enrolled in the program.

  • The amount that must be paid by the individual before the program pays for any part of the drug costs.

  • The amount or portion an individual pays with each prescription filled.