Table 2:

Participant characteristics

CharacteristicParticipants, %
Round 1
n = 61
Round 2
n = 58
Round 3
n = 49
Age, yr
Country of birth
Province of residence
 British Columbia8.28.68.2
 Nova Scotia3.33.44.1
Degree completed
Potentially influencing factor
Having a child living with a disability23.022.424.5
Knowing a child living with a disability86.986.285.7
Living with a disability8.28.68.2
Experienced prenatal screening47.543.144.9
Experienced prenatal diagnosis18.017.216.3
Disclosed a commercial interest1.61.72.0
  • * Participants speaking other languages accounted for 4.1% at round 3.

  • Residents of other provinces or territories all together accounted for 8.2% at round 3.

  • One participant had another level of education but did not complete round 3.