Table 3:

Frequency and relative risk of postoperative wound occurrences and urinary tract infections

Occurrence/infectionTime; occurrences per 10 000 procedures% changeRR (95% CI)
August–September 2015October 2015–January 2016*
Superficial incisional surgical site infection345.40307.78−10.890.89 (0.74–1.07)
Deep incisional surgical site infection68.6659.34−13.570.86 (0.57–1.32)
Organ/space surgical site infection120.68123.722.521.03 (0.75–1.40)
Wound disruption66.5869.404.241.04 (0.69–1.58)
Urinary tract
Progressive renal insufficiency14.5728.1693.271.93 (0.85–4.42)
Acute renal failure35.3717.10−51.650.48 (0.25–0.95)
Urinary tract infection228.88176.02−23.100.77 (0.61–0.97)
  • Note: CI = confidence interval, RR = relative risk.

  • * Period following the initial submission of the Surgical Quality Improvement Plan.