Table 2:

Parameter estimates for interrupted time-series regression models of postpartum length of stay for vaginal and cesarean delivery, January 2012 to December 2016

ParameterVaginal deliveryCesarean delivery
All casesTypical cases*All casesTypical cases*
EstimatePr > |t|EstimatePr > |t|EstimatePr > |t|EstimatePr > |t|
Intercept (β0)41.6205< 0.000143.9919< 0.000170.9738< 0.000170.9463< 0.0001
Time (β1)−0.10880.0476−0.00570.90770.03570.7301−0.01320.8107
Implementation (β2)−3.64810.1741−5.70280.0251−7.18940.1664−9.47680.0013
Time after (β3)−0.07300.4860−0.17500.0772−0.34500.0941−0.26130.1940
  • * Defined as cases in which the woman was admitted to the hospital through the birthing unit and then, after delivery, was transferred to the mother/baby unit, from which she was routinely discharged as an obstetrics patient. This excludes women who were admitted to another unit (e.g., intensive care unit, postanesthesia care unit) during the hospital stay, admitted to the hospital through the emergency department, or transferred back and forth from the birthing unit and the mother/baby unit while waiting for the start of delivery.