Table 2: Bivariable associations between cannabis use and demographic and behavioural factors among Ontario middle and high school students*
FactorCannabis use category;† % of respondents
Total sampleLifetime useUse in previous 12 moUse in previous monthNever used in life
Age, mean ± SD, yr15.1 ± 1.816.4 ± 1.2‡16.4 ± 1.2‡16.4 ± 1.2‡14.8 ± 1.9
    East/South East Asian13.311.710.85.688.3
    South Asian8.810.
Subjective socioeconomic status
Immigration status
Tobacco cigarette use in previous year
Alcohol use in previous past year
Met physical activity recommendation
Met screen time recommendation
Met age-appropriate sleep duration recommendation

Note: SD = standard deviation.

*Data are shown as weighted column percentage in "Total sample" column; weighted row percentage is used elsewhere unless indicated otherwise.

†Cannabis use measures are dichotomous; however, only "yes" responses are shown.

p < 0.05.