Table 1: Association of factors on admission to residency with success on Simulated Office Orals component* of the Certification in The College of Family Physicians examination
FactorOR (95% CI)p value
Univariate regression
Age0.950 (0.915-0.986)0.007
Female sex1.331 (0.732-2.419)0.3
Fluency in English1.334 (0.727-2.447)0.4
Human Development Index value3.806 (0.366-39.568)0.3
Previous internship0.842 (0.436-1.623)0.6
Previous residency0.600 (0.312-1.157)0.3
Previous professional experience0.509 (0.257-1.007)0.05
Research experience0.675 (0.341-1.335)0.3
Conference attendance1.455 (0.476-4.450)0.5
Publications2.146 (0.832-5.533)0.1
Teaching dossier1.399 (0.310-6.325)0.7
Multivariable regression
Age0.950 (0.915-0.986)0.007
Constant†71.918 (14.837-348.588)< 0.001

Note: CI = confidence interval, OR = odds ratio.

*A total of 429/469 residents (91.5%) passed this portion of the examination.

†The value of the intercept of the line of best fit.