Table 2: Institution and endoscopist characteristics in Ontario, 2011
CharacteristicNo. (%)
Institution (n = 8001 patients)
Academic centre3193 (39.9)
Regional cancer centre2401 (30.0)
Other/missing data2407 (30.1)
Endoscopist* (n = 17)
Practising specialty
    Gastroenterology12 (70)
    Thoracic surgery3 (18)
    Other†2 (12)
Health region practice location‡
    Toronto Central6 (35)
    Central West2 (12)
    Champlain2 (12)
    South East2 (12)
    South West2 (12)
    Mississauga Halton1 (6)
    Central East1 (6)
    Hamilton Niagara1 (6)

*Active endoscopists during 2011 only.

†One endoscopist's main specialty was listed as "unknown," and 1 endoscopist's main specialty was listed as "general surgery."

‡None of the endoscopists practised in the following health regions: North West, North East, Waterloo Wellington, Hamilton Niagara, Erie St. Clair, North Simcoe Muskoka or Central.