Table 4: Rates of completion of screening measures for colorectal cancer and cervical cancer by physicians in the QIIP and control groups
MeasureTime; % of physiciansAdjusted change, QIIP group v. control group (95% CI)*
12 mo before intervention or index date12 mo after intervention or index date
Colorectal cancer
Fecal occult blood testing within previous 2 yrQIIP group41.152.28.5 (5.1 to 12.0)
Control group39.542.8
Colonoscopy within previous 5 yrQIIP group24.529.70.02 (-1.7 to 1.8)
Control group26.631.7
Flexible sigmoidoscopy/barium enemaQIIP group5.83.8-0.03 (-0.1 to 0.3)
Control group6.34.4
Any screeningQIIP group57.267.15.4 (3.1 to 7.8)
Control group57.662.4
Cervical cancer
Papanicolaou test within previous 2 yrQIIP group61.763.52.3 (0.5 to 4.1)
Control group62.361.4
Papanicolaou test within previous 3 yrQIIP group72.275.12.7 (0.9 to 4.6)
Control group72.972.7

Note: CI = confidence interval, QIIP = Quality Improvement and Innovation Partnership.

*General linear regression for baseline value, sex, rurality, age and comorbidity (Johns Hopkins Adjusted Diagnosis Groups30).