Table 5: Steps family physicians and pediatricians take if they suspect a child has tooth decay
Steps taken (can be more than 1)*Family physicians, no. (%)
n = 163
Pediatricians, no. (%)
n = 16
Advise the parent or caregiver to take the child to a dentist145 (89.0)16 (100.0)
Make a note in the medical chart73 (44.8)11 (68.8)
Give the parent or caregiver the name(s) of a dentist39 (23.9)8 (50.0)
Do not formally refer children to dentists14 (8.6)2 (12.5)
Have never seen a child with tooth decay10 (6.1)1 (6.3)
Make a formal referral to a dentist10 (6.1)0 (0.0)
Other9 (5.5)3 (18.8)

*Number for each category may add to more than total and percentages may add up to more than 100 because participants were allowed to select more than 1 response.