Table 6: Reasons for not performing prevention measures aimed at dental problems
Perceived barriers to carry prevention measures (can be more than 1)*Family physicians, no. (%)
n = 161
Pediatricians, no. (%)
n = 16
Lack of clinical time106 (65.8)10 (62.5)
Dentists should perform these activities68 (42.2)8 (50.0)
Lack of knowledge in identifying dental problems84 (52.2)4 (25.0)
Lack of office staff to assist in prevention measures60 (37.3)7 (43.8)
Lack of reimbursement59 (36.6)6 (37.5)
Lack of parent's or caregiver's perceived need for dental care61 (37.9)5 (31.3)
Infants and toddlers are too young and uncooperative for oral examinations37 (23.0)2 (12.5)
Other16 (9.9)2 (12.5)

*Number for each category may add to more than total and percentages may add up to more than 100 because participants were allowed to select more than 1 response.