Table 3: Adjusted prevalence ratios of persistence and compliance with antidiabetic treatment according to level of interpersonal continuity of care
Medication adherenceLevel of continuity of care; adjusted prevalence ratio (95% CI)*
Persistence with antidiabetic treatment among the 60 924 study patients1.000.97 (0.96-0.98)0.96 (0.95-0.97)
Compliance with antidiabetic treatment among the 49 007 patients who were persistent1.000.98 (0.97-0.99)0.95 (0.94-0.97)

Note: CI = confidence interval.

*Adjusted for age, sex and socioeconomic status at initiation of oral antidiabetic treatment, year of initiation of oral antidiabetic treatment, number of distinct drugs used, hospital admission for any cause and loyalty to a pharmacy in the year following initiation of oral antidiabetic treatment, initial oral antidiabetic treatment and specialty of the physician who prescribed the initial oral antidiabetic treatment.