Table 1: CANHEART indicators of primary prevention performance
DomainSubject area; indicator
SmokingObesityHypertensionDiabetesDyslipidemiaAtrial fibrillationAccess to primary care
PrevalencePrevalence of smokingPrevalence of obesityPrevalence of hypertensionPrevalence of diabetesPrevalence of high lipid levels (e.g., total cholesterol  5.2 mmol/L)Prevalence of atrial fibrillation% of patients who have visited a primary care provider
ScreeningNA% of patients with height and weight measured% of patients with blood pressure measured% of patients aged  40 yr who have had full fasting blood glucose or HbA1c screening test in previous 36 mo% of men aged  40 yr and women aged  50 yr who have had full lipid profile in previous 5 yrNANA
Management% of smokers who received smoking cessation counsellingNA% of patients with hypertension taking ≥ 1 antihypertensive medication
Mean number of antihypertensive medications taken among patients with treated hypertension
% of patients with diabetes taking antidiabetic medications
% of patients with diabetes aged  55 yr taking ACE inhibitors/ARBs
% of patients with diabetes aged  40 yr taking statins
% of primary prevention patients at high risk (e.g., LDL-C level > 5.0, high Framingham risk score, diabetic) taking statins% of patients with atrial fibrillation taking warfarin or direct oral anticoagulantsMean no. of primary care visits per yr (e.g., for hypertension, diabetes)
Intermediate outcomesNANA% of patients with hypertension with measured blood pressure control (< 140 mm Hg systolic and < 90 mm Hg diastolic)*
Rate of emergency department visits for hypertension among patients with hypertension
% of patients with diabetes with HbA1c level controlled ( 7%)†% of patients taking statins for primary prevention who have lipid levels controlled (LDL-C  2.0 mmol/L)% of time in therapeutic range (INR 2-3) among patients with atrial fibrillation taking warfarinNA

Note: ACE = angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor, ARB = angiotensin receptor blockers, HbA1c = hemoglobin A1c, INR = international normalized ratio, LDL-C = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, NA = not applicable.

*Patients with diabetes should be treated to target blood pressures of < 130 mm Hg systolic and < 80 mm Hg diastolic.22

†A less stringent hemoglobin A1c target of 7.1%-8.5% may be used in certain patients with diabetes such as those with limited life expectancy and those with high levels of functional dependency.23