Table 3: Determining factors predictive of time to long-term disability benefits duration based on multivariable Cox regression analysis
FactorHR (99% CI)p value
Age (per decade)0.82 (0.80-0.83)< 0.0001
Salary (per $1000/wk)1.02 (0.97-1.08)0.4
Female v. male (reference)0.94 (0.90-0.98)0.0001
Job demands
Heavy v. sedentary (reference)0.94 (0.89-0.99)0.002
Light v. sedentary (reference)1.02 (0.98-1.07)0.2
Quebec vs. other (reference) by psychological disorder1.54 (1.38-1.71)< 0.0001
Quebec v. other (reference) by musculoskeletal compliant1.39 (1.28-1.51)0.0003
Quebec v. other (reference) by other illness1.19 (1.10-1.28)< 0.0001
Yes v. no (reference)0.75 (0.72-0.79)< 0.0001
Attendance at SSQ-arranged independent medical evaluation
Yes v. no (reference)0.57 (0.53-0.61)< 0.0001
Receipt of SSQ-funded rehabilitation
Yes v. no (reference)0.55 (0.52-0.59)< 0.0001
Duration of claim approval (wk)0.93 (0.92-0.94)< 0.0001

Note: CI = confidence interval; HR = hazard ratio. HR > 1 is associated with shorter claim duration; HR < 1 is associated with longer claim duration.