Table 5: Average percentage of patients in a physician's practice who saw one physician in the year, selected primary care models
Fiscal yearAll FPs, %FFS, %CCM, %FHG, %FHN, %FHO*, %
(4 100 387 patients overall)
25.4Not applicable
(model did not exist)
(5 264 305 patients overall)

Note: CCM = Comprehensive Care Management, FFS = fee-for-service, FHG = Family Health Group, FHN = Family Health Network, FHO = Family Health Organization, FP = family physician.

*FHOs were established in 2006. As of 2001, 2 former capitated models (Health Service Organizations and Primary Care Networks) existed, and this percentage reflects their activity. In 2006, all health service organizations and primary care networks were converted to FHOs.