Table 3: Estimated risks with consumption of red and processed meat and latency periods for calculating population attributable risk
Cancer siteSexRR estimateUnits, g/dRisk per g/dSource*Latency period, yr
Red meat
ColorectalMen1.281000.0025WCRF 201128
ColorectalWomen1.051000.00049WCRF 201128
ColonMen1.001000WCRF 201128
ColonWomen1.061000.00058WCRF 201128
RectumAll1.181000.0017WCRF 201128
Processed meat
ColorectalMen1.11500.0021WCRF 201128
ColorectalWomen1.09500.0017WCRF 201128
ColonMen1.38500.0064WCRF 201128
ColonWomen1.64500.0099WCRF 201128
RectumAll1.12500.0023WCRF 201128

Note: RR = relative risk, WCRF = World Cancer Research Fund.

*Details concerning the meta-analysis that produced the RR found in the 2011 WCRF Continuous Update Project on Colorectal Cancer can be found at