Table 5: Summary of cases and proportions of cancer in Alberta adults in 2012 attributable to insufficient fruit and vegetable consumption*
Cancer site†TotalMenWomen
Observed cases‡Excess attributable cases§% Attributable¶Observed cases‡Excess attributable cases§% Attributable¶Observed cases‡Excess attributable cases§% Attributable¶
Oral Cavity/Pharynx3739224.72738330.410098.9
All associated cancers**283829010.2159923314.61239574.6
All cancers††158362901.881552332.97681570.7

*Fruit and vegetable consumption estimated using data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS). Vegetable consumption was calculated as the number of times per day respondents reported consuming each of green salad, carrots and other vegetables not including salad, carrots or potatoes. Fruit consumption was characterized as the number of times respondents reported consuming fruit and fruit juice (maximum on serving for fruit juice consumption). Each reported time of consumption in the CCHS data was estimated as 1 serving, where insufficient fruit and vegetable consumption was defined as consuming fewer than 5 servings per day of fruits and vegetables combined.

†Cancer incidence data obtained from the Alberta Cancer Registry. Data from 2012 were used for observed cancer cases for all cancer sites.

‡Number of observed cancer cases in Alberta in 2012 at individual cancer sites.

§Number of cancer cases at individual cancer sites that can be attributed to overweight or obesity.

¶Proportion of cancers at individual cancer sites attributable to overweight or obesity. Calculated as excess attributable cases divided by observed cases.

**Represents all cancers with a known association with overweight or obesity, as listed in the table.

††Represents all incident cancers in Alberta in 2012 among all age groups.